Feb 14 – 16, 2019
Perugia - Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

The KAGRA International Workshop (KIW), February 14-15, 2019, replaced binational meetings between Japan and participating countries in order to promote more active collaboration within international community. The first KIW was held at Korea Institute for Science and Technology Information located in Daejon, Korea in June 2016. Subsequent workshops were held in Beijing (November 2016), in Taipei (May 2017) and in Seoul (June 2018). The main theme of the KIW centers on the KAGRA project, but also encompasses all related fields such as other gravitational wave experiments, gravitational wave sciences, and multi- messenger astronomy. Everybody interested in contributing to the KAGRA project and gravitational wave science in general is welcome to join the meeting.

The 1st KAGRA-Virgo-3G Detectors Workshop, February 16, 2019. The KAGRA experiment realises a bridge between the second generation of GW detectors, like Advanced Virgo and Advanced LIGO, and the third generation of GW observatories, like Einstein Telescope and Cosmic Explorer. In fact, KAGRA aims to participate to the next scientific data taking of the global network of advanced detectors, and, thanks to its innovative technological solutions, is pioneering the design of Einstein Telescope. The 1st KAGRA-Virgo-3G detectors workshop will exploit the synergies between KAGRA, Virgo and 3G observatories consolidating the long standing collaboration tradition between the corresponding scientific communities.



Perugia - Italy
Sala dei Notari
Corso Vannucci, 19 - Palazzo dei Priori Perugia - Italy