January 29, 2021 to February 7, 2021
Zoom Meeting
Europe/Paris timezone

FRONTIERS Online Winter School 2021

The FRONTIERS e-Winter School is an online training course for science teachers motivated to introduce Nobel Prize Physics to their Classrooms. Its objectives are:

  • The introduction of the participants to the FRONTIERS pedagogical design and its proposed activities for bringing Nobel Prize Physics to the classroom.
  • The co-creation of a series of educational activities by the teachers in collaboration with their peers and FRONTIERS experts that will be shared to all schools in Europe.
  • The discussion of the merits and barriers of introducing Nobel Prize Physics to the Classroom and presentation of the FRONTIERS methodology to achieve that.

FRONTIERS is a EU funded project coordinated by a consortium of European institutions in the field of research in Physics, Science Education Research, and education and outreach networks.

The FRONTIERS e-Winter School is organized under the auspices of the European School Innovation Academy (ESIA).

Zoom Meeting
Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics Laboratoire APC Université de Paris, 10 rue Alice Domon et Léonie Duquet 75013, Paris