ET Cost-Benefit Analysis 1day remote workshop



Intermediate meeting of the ET Cost-Benefit analysis team


1) Morning session:

2) Afternoon session: 


    • Technical session: Morning Session
      Convener: Michele Punturo (INFN)
      • 1
        Introduction to the CoBA process
        Speaker: Michele Punturo (INFN)
      • 2
        Criticalities of the ET conceptual design

        a. Introduction
        b. Sensitivity curves produced by the ISB
        i. Parameters
        ii. Criticalities, doubts and their impacts
        c. Overview of our level of confidence on technical parameters

        Speakers: Andreas Freise, Gianluca Gemme (INFN), Teng Zhang
      • 3
        Science impact

        a. Methodology
        b. Discussion of the results

        Speaker: Marica Branchesi
    • 1:00 PM
    • Technical session: Afternoon Session
      Convener: Harald Lueck
      • 4
        Paving the path toward the full immersion workshop

        a. Identifications of the plausible targets of the CoBA analysis
        b. List of the critical aspects
        c. Identification of the subset of scenarios to be deeply analyses
        d. Definition of what means “deeply analysed”
        e. Identification of the teams
        f. Organisation of the 24-26 November workshop

        Speakers: Andreas Freise, Gianluca Gemme (INFN), Harald Lueck, Marica Branchesi, Michele Punturo (INFN)