Europe is home of major world class research infrastructures which are crucial enablers of research and technological innovation and drivers of multidisciplinary and data-intensive science. Such research infrastructures can also play a key role in eliminating anti-intellectual beliefs in society and providing citizens with the intellectual ammunition needed to become critical consumers of scientific knowledge.

This can be done by creating a well-functioning ecosystem that allows new forms of co-creation between professional researchers and citizen scientists by empowering the latter not only with access to research outputs but also to take part in the process of scientific discovery producing high-quality data and adding to the scientific knowledge.

In that regard, it is of utmost important to rethink policies to make research infrastructures a key player in citizen science through a consistent involvement of citizens making a genuine and valued contribution to managing the data avalanche.

In order to open new roads to citizen science in Europe, the REINFORCE consortium convenes the “Interactive Workshop on Fostering citizens’ role in the advance of ground-breaking research in fundamental science.”

The first day will be dedicated to the presentation of the state of the arts of citizen science in research infrastructures. The second and last day to the co-design of the roadmap.

The workshop is intended for in-person as well as remote participation.


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