Physics & Astrophysics at the Extreme (PAX) Workshop

Auditorium (Cascina - Italy)


Cascina - Italy

Via E.Amaldi 56021 Cascina

LIGO and Virgo have begun a new era in astronomy. Gravitational and Classical Astronomy will together observe highly energetic and transient phenomena in the Universe.  The goal of this workshop is two-fold: (a) to explore how upcoming observations of such processes can help us understand the physics of at the extreme - strong gravitational fields, ultra-high densities, temperatures and magnetic fields and (b) to discuss the ultimate science goals for this emerging, synergistic field and what future detectors and telescopes would be needed to make a step change in the scientific questions we can answer with such observations.


Sponsored by:

  • Abhirup Ghosh
  • Alba Romero Rodríguez
  • Alessandro Nagar
  • Alexis Menendez
  • Andrea Maselli
  • Anirban Ain
  • Anuradha Samajdar
  • Archisman Ghosh
  • Bangalore Sathyaprakash
  • Carlos Lousto
  • Chris Van Den Broeck
  • Cristiano Palomba
  • Danny Laghi
  • David Shoemaker
  • Didier Verkindt
  • Elena Cuoco
  • Elisa Maggio
  • Enis Belgacem
  • Evan Hall
  • Geoffrey Lovelace
  • Giancarlo Cella
  • Gianluca M Guidi
  • Gideon Koekoek
  • Giovanni Prodi
  • Giulia Pagano
  • Gregorio Carullo
  • Gunnar Riemenschneider
  • Huan Yang
  • Ignazio Bombaci
  • John Veitch
  • Joshua Smith
  • Laura Cadonati
  • Marc Favata
  • Marica Branchesi
  • Matthew Evans
  • Paolo Pani
  • Peter Tsun Ho Pang
  • Piero Rettegno
  • Robert Eisentstein
  • Salvatore Vitale
  • Sebastiano Bernuzzi
  • Stavros Katsanevas
  • Swetha Bhagwat
  • Tania Regimbau
  • Thomas Dent
  • Walter Del Pozzo
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